The International Society of Photosynthesis Research (ISPR) is hosting a Symposium on Microbial Photosynthesis in Vancouver following ISPP2018.

August 9-12, 2018

The focus of the ISPR Symposium on Microbial Photosynthesis will be photosynthesis in unicellular microbes, including anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria, cyanobacteria, and unicellular phototrophic eukaryotes. Thus, it will be somewhat broader than the ISPP in terms of organisms covered, but will be more focused in terms of the processes covered (photosynthesis and related metabolic pathways). We envision this conference covering photosynthesis from small time and spaces scales (e.g. electron transfer within reaction centers) to large scales (e.g. marine productivity and early evolution of photosynthesis).

Topics include:

  1. Molecular mechanisms of electron transfer

  2. Antenna complexes

  3. Regulation of light harvesting

  4. Regulation & flexibility of electron transport & proton pumping

  5. Carbon fixation & carbon partitioning

  6. Ecology and Ecophysiology of photosynthesis

  7. Evolution of photosynthesis and (endo)symbolic relationships

  8. Creation of protein-cofactor complexes

  9. New phototrophic organisms, pigments, processes

  10. Systems & synthetic biology of phototrophs and biotechnological applications

More information regarding ISPR Vancouver 2018 coming soon…