Conference venue is the Life Sciences Centre. Campus map is available online at

Sunday August 5 Time Activity
12:00 On-site Registration
17:00 Robert BlankenshipKeynote

“Molecular analysis of the photosystems of green phototrophic bacteria”

18:00 Welcoming Social


Monday August 6 Time Activity
  Phylogeny, Taxonomy & Evolution, Chairs, S. Crowe and V. Yurkov


9:00 Jörg Overmann – Plenary

“Mechanisms of heterologous multicellularity in the phototrophic consortium ‘Chlorochromatium aggregatum’”

9:30 Tanai Cardona– Plenary

“Earliest stages in the origin of oxygenic photosynthesis”

10:00 Patricia Sanchez-Baracaldo – Plenary

“Primary producers during the early Earth”

11:00 Osvaldo Ulloa – Plenary

“Unicellular cyanobacteria in a modern anoxic ocean”

11:30 Marcus Tank “Hot springs microbial mats are treasure chests for the isolation of novel chlorophototrophic bacteria”
11:50 James Hemp “Evolution of Photosynthesis”
12:10 Chris Gisriel “The evolution of oxygenic photosynthesis and understanding the water-oxidation complex”
12:30 LUNCH
12:30 Lunch & Learn presented by IDT: Maximizing your next generation sequencing with IDT.

Advanced free registration appreciated.

  Environment and Ecology, Chairs, A. Poulain and A. Lang
13:30 Meinhard Simon – Plenary

“The significance of aerobic anoxygenic photosynthesis in the Roseobacter group”

14:00 Julia Maresca – Plenary

“Light-enhanced growth in non-phototrophic Actinobacteria.”

14:30 Arpita Bose – Plenary

“Extracellular electron transfer  from charged surfaces to support photosynthesis – A new paradigm.”

15:00 Elke Dittmann – Plenary

“The different faces of RubisCO in the bloom-forming cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa

16:00 Debbie Lindell “Cyanobacterial resistance strategies differ against specialist and generalist cyanophages”
16:20 Vera Thiel “Microbial diversity and activity in a hot-spring-associated microbial mat disclosed by a comprehensive multi-method study”
16:40 Kate Thompson “Photoferrotrophic BIF deposition”
17:00 Julie Bethany “A bacterium predatory on cyanobacteria from biological soil crusts “
 18:00 Late-Breaking Evening Session: Honoring the Castenholz Legacy


Tuesday August 7 Time Activity
  Bioenergetics Natural and Artificial Photosynthesis, Chairs, D. Bryant and T. Beatty


9:00 Fevzi Daldal – Plenary

“Biogenesis of Cytochrome c Complexes: Cofactors, Subunits, Complexes and Supercomplexes”

9:30 Neil Hunter – Plenary

“The biosynthesis and function of chlorophylls”

10:00 Wim Vermaas-Plenary – Plenary

“Modification of electron transport pathways and photosynthetic products in cyanobacteria”

11:00 David Lea Smith – Plenary

“Deletion of cyanobacterial terminal oxidases and flavodiron complexes increases electron export and power genera”

11:30 Raimund Fromme “What can we learn from the high resolution structures of the heliobacterial photosystem and photosystem I of cyanobacteria in respect of evolution of photosynthesis?”
11:50 Ming-Yang Ho “Regulation of oxygenic photosynthesis driven by far-red light”
12:10 Rafael Saer ” Structural and functional insights into the Chlorobaculum tepidum Fenna-Matthews-Olson complex revealed by site-directed mutagenesis”
12:30 LUNCH
13:30 Josef Komenda “Role of specific Photosystem II complexes in the biogenesis of the cyanobacterial Photosystem I”
13:50 Kevin Redding “Reduction of Menaquinone to Menaquinol by the Heliobacterial Type I Reaction Center”
14:10 Julian Eaton-Rye “Targeted mutation of D1 and D2 amino acid residues associated with bicarbonate binding and bound waters on the acceptor side of Photosystem II”
14:30 Michal Koblizek “Unique double concentric ring organization of light harvesting complexes in Gemmatimonas phototrophica


Wednesday August 8 Time Activity
  Physiology, Metabolism and Sensory Transduction, Chairs, T. Hanson and G. Owttrim
9:00 Conrad Mullineaux – Plenary

“Only connect! Septal junctions and multicellularity in filamentous cyanobacteria”

9:30 Judith Armitage – Plenary

“Putting things in the right place.”

10:00 Annegret Wilde – Plenary

“Cyanobacteria in motion”

11:00 John Allen – Plenary

“Two-component redox regulatory control in the origins of oxygen evolution, cyanobacteria, and chloroplasts”

11:20 Wolfgang Hess “The cyanobacterial riboregulator IsaR1 controls the acclimation to iron starvation and integrates the high-salt response in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803″
11:40 Sebastien Zappa “RedB, an agonist of FnrL that functions as a transcriptional redox brake in Rhodobacter capsulatus
12:00 Sean Ritter “Come together: A novel convergent sensing mechanism detects abiotic stress through a common effect on redox potential of the electron transport chain “
12:30 LUNCH Meeting of the IOC
13:30 Iris Maldener “Septal nanopore arrays and multimeric septal junctions are key players of cell-cell communication in filamentous cyanobacteria”
13:50 Gregor Weiss ” A novel Contractile Injection System in Cyanobacteria”
14:10 Breah Lasarre “Diverse spatial organization of photosynthetic membranes among purple nonsulfur bacteria”
14:30 Kristin Moore “The Dynamics of Polyploidy in Cyanobacteria”
15:30 Douglas Risser “Hierarchical activation of a trio of sigma factors promotes hormogonium development in Nostoc punctiforme
15:50 Ivan Khyudakov “RGSGR-containing protein (PatX) active in heterocyst differentiation and genetically associated with HetR in filamentous cyanobacteria “
16:30 Donald Bryant- Keynote

“Life on the (far-red) edge of darkness: photoacclimation of terrestrial cyanobacteria to far-red light and chlorophyll d and f synthesis”



Thursday, August 9 Time Activity
  Physiology … Transduction
9:00 Stephan Klahn “A glutamine riboswitch is a key element for the regulation of glutamine synthetase in cyanobacteria”
9:20 Khaled Selim “The Missing Cyanobacteria Inorganic Carbon Sensor; PII-like signaling protein SbtB integrates cAMP sensing to modulate the inorganic carbon response”
9:40 Prvikalyan Pallegar “Cyclic-di-GMP signalling, motility, and gene transfer agent production in Rhodobacter capsulatus
  Biotechnology & Synthetic Biology, Chairs, C. Kerfeld and D. Bhaya
  11:00 Rahul Singh

“Genome BC: a catalyst behind genomics driven innovation in BC”

11:10 Devaki Bhaya – Plenary

“The journey from phototrophic microbial communities to synthetic biology”

11:40 Diana Kirilovsky – Plenary

“Constructing a photoactive OCP-like protein: Inter-domain interactions”

12:10 Cheryl Kerfeld – Plenary

“Bacterial Microcompartments in Photosynthetic Bacteria and Synthetic Biology”

12:40 LUNCH
13:30 Yuichi Fujita “Functional expression of a cyanobacterial nitrogenase from Leptolyngbya boryana in the non-diazotrophic cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803″
13:50 Guangyu Chen “Complete enzyme set for chlorophyll biosynthesis in Escherichia coli
14:10 Martin Hagemann “Engineering synthetic CO2-fixing bypass in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803″
14:30 Yusuke Tsukatani “Glycolipid and chlorophyll a biosyntheses are required for the heterologous assembly of the type-I photochemical reaction center in purple bacteria “
15:00 Final announcements and farewell


There will be two Keynote Speakers, one on Sunday afternoon, and the other on Wednesday afternoon.

  1. Phylogeny, Taxonomy and Evolution (Chairs, S. Crowe and V. Yurkov)
  2. Environment and Ecology (Chairs, A. Poulain and A. Lang)
  3. Physiology, Metabolism and Sensory Transduction (Chairs, T. Hanson and G. Owttrim)
  4. Bioenergetics, Natural and Artificial Photosynthesis (Chairs, D. Bryant and T. Beatty)
  5. Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology (Chairs, C. Kerfeld and D. Bhaya)

Each session will be chaired by one of the LOC as noted above. All sessions have 3 to 4 “Plenary” speakers who will be given 30 min (25 + 5 min for questions). Some sessions may extend over more than one day. The remainder (50 to 60) of the oral presentations of 20 min (15 + 5 min for ques) will be chosen from the submitted abstracts by the session chairs.

Posters will be displayed in atriums adjacent to the lecture halls, from Sunday night to Thursday morning. Even number poster presenters attend the Monday poster session, and odd numbers on Wednesday.