ISPP 2018 would like to thank the generosity of the following sponsors:


Integrated DNA Technologies


New England Biolabs




UBC Microbiology & Immunology


UBC Life Sciences Institute

The Canadian Society of Microbiologists is pleased to support the career development of trainees with two awards.  One Oral and one Poster presentation will be awarded $250 CDN each by the CSM committee at ISPP 2018.

We encourage all microbiologists to join CSM, especially those trainees (students, postdoctoral fellows and young investigators), wishing to be considered for a CSM Travel Award. Please ensure your membership is active as it is an eligibility criteria.  Student memberships are only $30/year.  Please follow this link.

Canadian Society of Microbiologists



ISPP 2018 thanks our sponsors for their outstanding support.


Travel Awards for trainees.


ISPP 2018 is pleased to join with our sponsors to support outstanding trainees so they may stay in Vancouver and present their scientific findings. We have secured about 20 travel awards for the ISPP 2018 meeting. Awards of up to $250 CAD each will be made as a payment to UBC Accommodations to help pay costs between August 5-9, 2018. Please see our website where budget rooms start at $55 CAD/night.


Eligibility criteria:

Trainee: Includes documented students, postdoctoral fellows and new investigators who are within two (2) years of first appointment.

Abstract: All abstracts submitted by trainees will be considered. No additional application need be made for an abstract to be under consideration.

Presentation: The abstract must be presented (either in poster or oral format) at ISPP 2018 Vancouver by the applicant

Awards: Awards will be adjudicated at the ISPP 2018 venue. Awards will be announced at the end of the meeting. Payment of up to $250 CAD will be made for UBC Accommodations.

Documentation: In order to receive an ISPP 2018 Travel Award, trainee recipients must document their status as a trainee (such as a signed letter from the supervisor, or Chair of their department).

Questions: Please email the ISPP 2018 offices at